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Home » Music » Album Review: Pennywise – All or Nothing (2012)

Album Review: Pennywise – All or Nothing (2012)

Pennywise – All or Nothing (2012) Album Cover

Pennywise – All or Nothing
Release Year: 2012
Singer: Zoli Teglas

This came at a time when Pennywise’s main singer, Jim Lindberg, left the band. Taking over the spot is Zoli Teglas, the singer for Ignite. Although Teglas’ style differs from Lindberg, I thought he did well keeping up the high energy in Pennywise songs.

At first listen, too many of the songs were similar and blended together, which is probably why I wasn’t as tuned in to the songs. I thought it was just ok at first but it got better and better each time I listened to it.

One thing I noticed while listening to this album, Pennywise with Zoli gives me some Offspring vibes. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

Fortunately, the songs are all high energy. The songs are not boring and are all explosive which is perfect for listening to during high energy activities such as going to the gym. I also enjoyed listening to it during my commutes to work.

Track Ratings:

Pennywise – All or Nothing (2012)

  1. All or Nothing 2/5
  2. Waste Another Day 3/5
  3. Revolution 4/5
  4. Stand Strong 2/5
  5. Let Us Hear Your Voice 4/5
  6. Seeing Red 2/5
  7. Songs of Sorrow 4/5
  8. X Generation 4/5
  9. We Have It All 4/5
  10. Tomorrow 3/5
  11. All Along 4/5
  12. United 4/5 
  13. We Are The Fallen 3/5
  14. Locked In 2/5

Overall Rating: 3.21 (I Like It)

My Rating Format:

1 – Don’t like it
2 – It’s ok
3 – I like it
4 – I really like it
5 – Love it

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