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Five Day Vaation to Big Island, Hawaii in November 2022

Waipi’o Valley Lookout

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Day 1 Big Island, Hawaii

Got settled in and picked up a rental car. We would be driving around in the rental car when we weren’t on the tours. We stayed at the Hilton at Waikoloa Village.

Hilton Waikoloa Village Sign
Hilton Waikoloa Village Sign

Matsuyama Market – Pine Tree Cafe

Ordered the Kalbi Short Ribs Lunch Plate and Spicy Garlic Chicken. The short ribs were kind of salty but tasted really good with the rice.

KTA Super Stores – Waikoloa Village – Went to this store to get some drinks and water for the hotel room.

Day 2 Big Island, Hawaii

Wasabi Tours Hawaii

Day Tour with our tour guide Dreu – Dreu was extremely funny and very knowledgeable about Hawaii. Apparently he’s the most famous tour guide on Big Island, Hawaii especially on Trip Advisor.

Throughout most of the tour, Dreu seemed very spiritually connected to the island and paid his respects at many of the different stops we made. He had a conch that he would blow into from time to time at different locations.

Bay View Farm

This is a coffee bean farm and they have some interesting coffee beans. They have Kona beans and Pea berry beans. Pea berry beans are supposed to be more nutritious and have more caffeine than normal coffee beans.

Bay View Farm
Bay View Farm

Punalu’u Bake Shop

Famous bakery that offers Hawaiian sweet bread and malasadas which are a type of doughnut.

Punalu’u Bake Shop - Malasada
Punalu’u Bake Shop – Malasada

Kilauea Visitor Center

Kilauea Overlook

Steam Vent We stopped by some Steam Vents that had hot water vapor steaming out of it. It was chilly in that area, so standing by the steam vent was a nice way to warm up.

Wailuku River State Park (Hilo)

Nahuku Water Fall

Wailuku River State Park (Hilo) - Nahuku Water Fall
Wailuku River State Park (Hilo) – Nahuku Water Fall

Lava tube Near the steam vent, we were also able to see a Lava tube from a safe distance. You could see the red hot glow of the lava.

Wailuku River State Park

Akaka Falls State Park

Waipi’o Valley Lookout

Waipi’o Valley Lookout
Waipi’o Valley Lookout

Queens Marketplace – Poke

We stopped at Queen’s Marketplace for people to grab some food really quick before heading out.

Funny bit: There was a part in the ride where Dreu mentioned if anyone on the ride have any questions. Nobody said anything so he began to eat his breakfast. The moment he stuffed his mouth with his food, people began to ask him questions. His reaction was funny. “Oh, now you want to ask me questions.” 

Queens Marketplace – Waikoloa Shrimp Co – Coconut shrimp

Really big shrimp. Was really delicious and the wait was not too long.

Day 3 Big Island, Hawaii

Pau Hana Poke

Lagoon at the Hilton

Dolphins – Near the Lagoon are trainers with dolphins that you can watch. The dolphins will do tricks as they are being fed.

Kayaking and other water sports

The Lagoon at the Hilton had lots of activities such as Kayaking, which is what I chose to participate in. There is a fee and you get to Kayak anywhere in the Lagoon. Since I can’t swim, they do provide life jackets. It was very fun just riding the kayak around the lagoon.

Kamuela Provision Company

Nice fine dining experience with steak and a beautiful ocean view.

Day 4 Big Island, Hawaii

Starbucks for some morning coffee. . .

Alula Beach – Sea Turtle viewing

Sea Turtles Hawaii Big Island
Sea Turtles Hawaii Big Island

Umekes Fish Market bar and grill – Kona platter with boneless Kalbi Short Ribs and Poke Bowl

HiCo Hawaiian Coffee – Great little Coffee shop next to the grill. We ordered Ube Latte

Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park

Izakaya Shiono Kona – Ramen, Sushi and Handrolls for dinner

Manta Ray viewing

We got on a boat to get to the Manta Ray viewing area in the evening. During the time we went, there were not too many Manta Rays and the previous group before us took a long time to get back. 

Once we got on the boat, the boat sped all the way to the location, rocking up and down. If you’re prone to seasickness, this is definitely something to be concerned about as people began vomiting on the ride there.

Big Island Hawaii, Manta Ray Viewing Boat
Big Island Hawaii, Manta Ray Viewing Boat

Floating Noodles and Employees – Once we got to the viewing location, everyone needed to get into the water. Lifejackets and floating devices were available for everyone. The people manning the boat were able to help everyone. We had to swim a few yards out into the water where there was a floating line. Everyone would hold onto the line and look into the water. Everyone also had snorkeling masks so that they could keep their head in the water. 

Everyone got floating noodles to put underneath their feet so that their bodies would lay flat on the surface of the water.

For those people who can’t swim, the guides helped us swim to the viewing line.

We didn’t see much Manta Ray’s but we were able to see some pretty quickly. I’d say we waited about 10-20 minutes, compared to the previous group who probably took at least an hour before they were able to see anything.

The ride back on the boat was rough. I think they rode even faster and more people began to vomit. The best place to vomit is the front of the ship.

Day 5 Big Island, Hawaii

Vantage Island Coffee – Cacao Acai bowl, Bagel with purple spray, Hawaiian Honey Latte

Waikoloa Shrimp company – Ordered the Garlic Shrimp

Summit Tour

We had booked a tour guide to take us to the Mauna Kea Summit. Tour guide said he’ll play some Hawaiian music but plays RnB. Everyone had a good laugh.

Silver Sword Flower – There was a stop on the tour that let us see all the Silver Sword Flowers. This is a flower that only blooms once every 15 years. Unfortunately we didn’t see any bloom at the time.

Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station

Short stop on the way up the summit. Go to the restroom and buy souvenirs before heading up.

Mauna Kea Summit – Bring a jacket and warm clothes super cold and really windy up here. The tour guide told a story of a previous tourist who went on this tour in a tank top and shorts and nothing else. He basically had to wait in the car the entire time because it was too cold for him to walk outside.

There is a sacred area that we drove by that is restricted. The Tour Guide told a story of the Snow God Shrine and how a European hiker hiked up to do jumping jacks illegally.

Constellations explained each horoscope and showed us where everything is and showed us the north star with a high powered laser. Milky way pictures were provided by the tour guide. The tour guide is a photographer on the side and he took some amazing astrology photos. He joked and said we can use them to show off and pretend the photos were taken by us.

High altitudes need to be careful. The air is thin and you might have some trouble breathing normally.

Gave everyone sandwiches to eat on the way back.

Closing Thoughts

Overall this was a great experience. Explored a good portion of the island and even tried some activities I never tried before. I can’t swim and kind of scared of the ocean. Manta Ray viewing was once in a life time thing for me and it was very fulfilling.

The island didn’t feel as commercialized as Honolulu which was another plus. Would definitely recommend a trip to Big Island, Hawaii.

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