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Loop Habit Tracker

Habits and routines are important. Everyone has them. Over the years, my habits have shifted. Unfortunately, there was a period of time where my environment got shocked and changed multiple times. My routines and habits fluctuated rapidly and for the worse. In order to try and rebuild these habits and rebuild my habit baseline, I’ve searched high and low for new methods to fix it. “Just do it” definitely doesn’t work. 

I’ve tried many other methods and I probably have a problem of trying too many apps and processes. 

What is Loop Habit Tracker?

I recently discovered Loop Habit Tracker. It’s an app that tracks different habits that you may have. It’s great for creating long term habits and includes minimalistic charts for your viewing as well. The layout is simple. It shows about 5 days and you select if you’ve done the habit for the day or not.

So far, it’s been a great tracker to use. The interface is simple and there are no ads. You can’t really modify too much stuff, which is actually fine with me. It fulfills a very basic function of trying not to break the streak. Something that many might recall from Seinfeld.

Recommended or Skip?

I’d probably recommend this for people who have a hard time keeping a consistent schedule. The simplicity of the app is also great for people who get overwhelmed by complicated productivity apps. I definitely appreciate the minimalistic approach and hope I can stick with this for the long term.

Get Loop Habit Tracker from the Google Play Store

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