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October 2023 Workout Routine

I’ve been workin out a lot more recently and been able to maintain a consistent workout routine. I tend to change up the routine so I don’t get bored but so far I’m enjoying this one. Most of it is really just P90X workouts but without a pullup bar. I currently don’t have an available pullup bar to use at home.

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – P90X Plyometrics

Wednesday – Full Body Workout (Increased Weight)

Thursday – P90X Kenpo X

Saturday – Full Body Workout (Decreased Weight)

Diet Rules

  • No Sugar on the Weekdays
  • Limited to no junk food such as chips, tortilla chips. Trying to limit calories but not tracking and not being extremely strict.
  • Anything goes on the weekend


I restarted my workout routine back in August 2023 and I had a really difficult time just getting in 30 pushups. Right now I’ve been able to do up to 116-130 pushups before my arms go mushy. Every week I try to add 10 more. I only do this once a week. The types of pushups I do are military, standard, and wide grip pushups. Workout takes about 30 minutes.

P90X Plyometrics

I love the jump training. It’s a fun form of cardio and it helps keep my fitness level up for my tennis sessions. Since I don’t follow the P90X videos anymore I just keep a list of the exercises and set rep goals for myself. Right now I’m at 15-20 reps for each of the exercises in the program.

Full Body Workout (Increased Weight)

Right now, I’m enjoying full body workouts rather than days that are dedicated to certain muscle groups. I’m doing 3 sets of  8-12 reps and increasing weight slowly. 

Kettlebell weight: 35 lbs

Dumbell Weight: 20-30 lbs

  • Calf Raises with Kettlebell
  • Goblet Squats with Kettlebell
  • Leg Raises
  • Back Kicks
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Kick Backs
  • Upright Rows
  • Shoulder Press

P90X Kenpo X

The P90X Kenpo X program is also one of my favorite workouts. I actually carry empty dumbbell bars as I do this program just to add some extra difficulty. Even though the weight is not a lot, it’s enough to get really tiring. I try to do 8-15 reps per exercise depending how much weight I’m adding on which is currently ranging from 4-6.5 lbs.

Full Body Workout (Lower Weight)

Same workout routine as my full body workout with increased weight. I just lower it down to a more comfortable weight while increasing the amount of reps.


I just take 1-2 scoops of protein total before and after my workout.


So far I’ve been able to sustain a steady weight and been able to keep up with the small weight increases. My bell fat is still there but hasn’t fully disappeared yet probably because I don’t have a high enough caloric deficit yet.

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