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One Piece Netflix Season 1 – Live Action Anime Adaption Review and Episode Recap

One Piece Netflix Season 1

Year Released: 2023

Number of Episodes: 8

First Impressions

I thought the beginning of the season was pretty rushed and it makes sense. They had to set the ground for the characters quickly or they’ll never move the story forward. They quickly introduced Luffy, Usopp, Zoro and Nami. Once they were introduced, the pacing of the show slowed down significantly, and they spent more time telling the story.

Characters and Actors

I thought the actors represented the characters well. As someone who has only read the manga and only a handful of anime episodes, I thought the portrayals were fairly accurate. 

Luffy (Inaki Godoy) – Thought the actor’s portrayal of Luffy was great. Luffy is goofy and kind of clueless most of the time and he did a great job of portraying it.

Zoro (Mackenyu) – I’m a little bit iffy about Zoro. I understand Zoro is extremely popular in the anime and the actor has a lot of people swooning over him. However, I do think Zoro seems a bit awkward at times from the transitions of “cool guy” to the more laid back banter.

Usopp (Jacob Gibson) – Thought he did a great job. No complaints.

Nami (Emily Rudd) – Nami was a bit like Zoro in that she seemed a little too serious and forced.

Sanji (Taz Skyler) – I thought that Sanji was played well and a lot more natural. 

For those who have zero knowledge of One Piece, I’d say it’s a good introduction to the franchise. It was fun, entertaining, and the actors did a great job portraying their characters.

One thing that I noticed was the use of fish-eye lenses. The stylistic choice seemed appropriate and I guess it’s to imitate how the characters look from the anime. All the tall, lanky characters looked taller. It also made the set more vast like the ocean.

Episode Breakdown (SPOILERS)

Episode 1 “Romance Dawn”

  • Luffy saves Koby from Alvida
  • Luffy meets Zoro
  • Luffy Meets Nami

Episode 2 “The Man in the Straw Hat”

  • Luffy, Zoro and Nami get captured by Buggy the clown
  • Koby joins the Marines

Episode 3 “Tell No Tales”

  • Luffy meets Usopp who brings the group to Kaya
  • Garp and Koby looks for Luffy

Episode 4 “The Pirates Are Coming”

  • Fight breaks out in Kaya’s mansion
  • Usopp gets help from Koby, Helmeppo and the Marines
  • Kaya gives Luffy a ship
  • Flashback of Zorro and his childhood friend Kuina
  • Kuro fights Luffy
  • Garp summons Mihawk to go bring back Luffy

Episode 5 “Eat at Baratie!”

  • Luffy and crew stop at Baratie ship restaurant and meet Sanji and Zeff who are the great chefs of the ship.
  • Mihawk arrives at Barratie and defeats Zoro but doesn’t kill him because he sees potential in him. Zoro is in really bad shape. Also does not capture Luffy and leaves.

Episode 6 “The Chef and the Chore Boy

  • Arlong and his crew of fishermen attacks Barratie
  • Arlong fights Luffy and wins
  • Nami backstabs the crew and reveals she’s under the Arlong crew. She brings the map of the Grand Line with her.

Episode 7 “The Girl with the Sawfish Tattoo”

  • Luffy and crew seek out Nami
  • Nami has flashback of her childhood of her mother and sister in Coco Village
  • Nami hands over the map of the grand line to Arlong
  • Nojiko tells Luffy and friends the story of how Arlong invaded their village and killed their mother.
  • Arlong is giving a speech to his crew about how fishman are superior.
  • Garp goes to Baratie to look for Luffy. Cody finds out where Luffy is headed toward from the bartender on Baratie and tells Garp.
  • Nami reveals that she has been storing 100 million Berries in order to get the island back from Arlong. Marines come and take her treasure away.
  • Nami loses her mind and begins to stab the Arlong tattoo on her arm before Luffy stops her. Nami asks for his help and Luffy agrees to help.

Episode 8 “Worst in the East”

  • Fight breaks out on Coco Village. 
  • Usopp Vs Chew the Fisherman – Usopp runs into the woods with Chew following him. Usopp feigns death and then blasts Chew with a fire bullet which defeats Chew.
  • Zoro and Sanji fight in the village and clear out all the fishermen attacking.
  • Arlong Vs Luffy – Luffy destroys Arlong’s base with all the marine map locations and gives Arlong a beatdown.
  • Garp Vs Luffy – Garp gives Luffy a beatdown to teach him a lesson. Garp admits that he already knew Luffy was too stubborn to leave the pirate life and told him he was just testing him. Garp leaves and goes off to hunt Arlong.
  • Luffy gets a 30 million Berry Bounty on him.
  • Mihawk shows Shanks the bounty on Luffy.
  • Nami and Usopp put up the Straw Hat pirate flag on the boat that Luffy designed.

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