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Death’s End by Cixin Liu – Part I Chapters Recap (Spoilers)

Death’s End chapter summary of events for Part I.

May 1453, C.E. The Death of the Magician

  • Constantinople hires a prostitute who claims to be a magician, named Helena, to kill people.
  • They break the witches’ rules and thus lead to the fall of Constantinople.

Crisis Era, Year 1 The Option for Life

  • Yang Dong recovers her mother’s old deleted files regarding Trisolaris and reads them.
  • Green Glasses guy shows Yang Dong an image of the Earth if life never affected it. He says that life is irrelevant to the evolution of the universe.

Crisis Era, Year 4 Yun Tianming

  • Euthanasia Law Passes
  • Tianming watches Laoli press buttons in the euthanasia chair which is a series of numbers for yes or if he wants to proceed with the lethal injection.
  • Hu Wen gives Tianming 3 Million Yuan for his idea.
  • Stars Our Destination Project: People can buy stars. Was created around the same time as the Wallfacer Project and was proven unsuccessful.
  • Tianming decides to buy a star for Cheng Xin

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time Infantilism at the Start of the Crisis

  • Crisis Infantilism was the time when two projects were started. Wallfacer Project and the Stars Our Destination Project.
  • Stars Our Destination Project was to increase the power of the UN and a response for Escapism.
  • General Say created the Stars Our Destination Project to gather funds for their research but they only sold 17 stars and only made 40 million dollars.

Crisis Era, Year 4 Yun Tianming

  • With Hu Wen’s help in gathering information about Cheng Xin, Tianming buys a star for Cheng Xin at the Unesco Beijing Office.
  • Since Tianming is terminally ill and will die soon, he participates in the Euthenasia project and goes through the sequence of prompts to inject himself. Just as he’s about to hit the final prompt, people burst into the room and stop the injection. Cheng Xin appears and says that the Euthanasia Law was passed specifically for him.

Crisis Era, Years 1-4 Cheng Xin

  • Cheng Xin joins the PIA, intelligence agency gathering intel on the Trisolaran Fleet and their home world.
  • Vadimov is Cheng Xin’s Boss. She also meets PIA Chief Thomas Wade. 
  • Cheng Xin Suggests her idea to use nuclear bombs to propel the probe further.
  • Vadimov suggests they need to send a person in the probe to infiltrate the Trisolaran fleet.

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time Hibernation: Man Walks for the First Time Through Time

  • Hibernation Technology advanced at a rapid rate and became a commercial product.

Crisis Era, Years 1-4 Cheng Xin

  • Cheng Xin researches more into hibernation tech. She goes to the PIA and suggests sending a Flash Freezed body to space and hopes the Trisolarans unfreeze them.
  • Everyone was struggling with ways to lower the weight to propel the probe. 
  • Wade announces that they will only send the brain.

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time The Staircase Program

  • Propulsion technology matured. Probe does not contain an engine but they were able to propel stuff all the way to Neptune’s moons.

Crisis Era, Years 1-4 Cheng Xin

  • Since the Staircase program requires that the candidates need to be killed, they decided that they must be selected from terminally ill patients.
  • Cheng Xin finds out someone gave her a star and she is really happy. Wade says she should sell it. Vadimov is happy for her.
  • Vadimov suggests that he is the best person for the Staircase Program
  • Cheng Xin finds out that her old classmate Tianming has lung cancer and will die soon and goes to try and convince him to join the Staircase Program. It is a slap in the face to Tianming. 
  • Tianming accepts Cheng Xin’s proposal to join the Staircase Program.
  • Tianming and Cheng Xin go into hibernation.

Crisis Era, Years 5-7 The Staircase Program

  • Vadimov dies in a car accident
  • Progress of the Staircase Program was improving a lot.

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