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Death’s End by Cixin Liu – Part II Chapter Recaps (Spoilers)

Death’s End chapter summary of events for Part 2.

Deterrence Era, Year 12 Bronze Age

  • The Bronze Age ship was on the way back to Earth.

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time Nyctohylophobia

  • Humanity got really scared of transmitting signals after learning of the Dark Forest theory. 

Deterrence Era, Year 12 Bronze Age

  • Gravity ship was created and they signaled the Bronze Age ship to come back to Earth hailing them as heroes. Once they came back, everyone on the ship was arrested for murder and treason against humanity.

Deterrence Era, Year 13 Trial

  • Crew members from the Bronze Age were put on Trial. The Bronze Age crew defends themselves saying that those who were not in the Bronze age won’t understand what they went through. They were no longer tied to Earth. They had nowhere to go back to that was their home. 
  • They talked about how after the attack on the Quantum ship, they took all the bodies and resorted to eating them. They said that the other ship “Blue Space” was expected to have done the same.
  • Captain Schneider was brought back to the ship to talk about how the ship worked. He barricaded himself in a room and sent a warning transmission telling the other ships involved in the doomsday battle to not come back.
  • Gravity was then sent out to go track down and bring back Blue Space.

Deterrence Era, Year 61 The Swordholder

  • It’s discovered that Cheng Xin’s star had planets and an astronomist named AA had started following Cheng Xin asking her many questions. The UN wanted the star back but since it was legally owned by Cheng Xin, there was nothing they could do to take it back. Cheng Xin agreed to keep the star but sell the planets. She hires AA to run the company to hold her earnings that she got from selling the planets.
  • Men in this age have changed to become much more feminine and it is difficult for Cheng Xin to distinguish a man from a woman.
  • The news around the world wants to put Luo Ji on trial because of his crimes of destroying the planet with the signal that he broadcasted.
  • Wade appears and shoots Cheng Xin with an old gun. He wants to become the Swordholder and admits to killing Vadimov.
  • Cheng Xin wakes up and she is rescued by AA. She asks her what a Swordholder is.

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time The Ghost of the Wallfacers: The Swordholder

  • Dark Forest theory created deterrence game theory. Elements: deterrer and deterred, threat, controller and the goal.
  • Luoji is now over 100 years old. They want to put him on trial because they don’t know if the star he destroyed had planets that had life on them. Luoji just ignored everyone who criticized him and was viewed as a dictator holding the trigger.
  • A compromise was agreed to change the Swordholder since Luoji is getting so old.

Deterrence Era, Year 61 The Swordholder

  • Cheng Xin sees a bunch of art and painting and finds out they were all created by Trisolarans.

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time Cultural Reflection

  • Trisolarans gave a lot of knowledge to Earth as a respect. Information about Trisolaran culture was still a mystery.

Deterrence Era, Year 61 The Swordholder

  • Cheng Xin meets Sophon.
  • 6 people trying to succeed Luoji visit Cheng Xin to tell her not to run. They think that Cheng Xin will definitely win. She has a strong resume of experience. They think the new generation of people are even more naive than their era. They think that Deterrence is no longer important and want a softer touch to the Swordholder. Cheng Xin begins to feel motherly and announces her candidacy for Swordholder.

Deterrence Era, Year 62 Gravity, in the Vicinity of the Oort Cloud

  • Crew on the Gravity rotate periodically through hibernation in the pursuit of Blue Space. 
  • Transmissions got worse between Gravity and Earth and it started taking a year to transmit messages.

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time More Indirect Evidence for the Dark Forest: Sophon-Blind Regions

  • Sophons went on to search Galaxy. When they entered blind regions, the Sophon would lose all communication forever.

Deterrence Era, Year 62 Gravity, in the Vicinity of the Oort Cloud

  • Gravity has caught up with Blue Space and everyone onboard has awakened from hibernation to prepare for combat.
  • Gravity finds a ruptured tube from a micrometeoroid. 
  • Crew members begin to hallucinate.
  • Soon, the droplets around the Gravity begin accelerating to attack. One of them headed towards Blue Space and the other towards Gravity. 

Deterrence Era, Year 62 November 39, 4:00pm to 4:17pm: Deterrence Center

  • Cheng Xin goes to the Deterrence Center to take part in the Swordholder handover.

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time The Choice of the Swordholder: Ten Minutes Between Existence and Annihilation

  • The first thing Earth demanded from Trisolaris was the tech to modulate and transmit gravitational waves.
  • Trisolaris kept 4 droplets in the solar system and the remaining 6 would rejoin the Trisolaran fleet.
  • Everyone was suspicious of the droplets.

Deterrence Era, Year 62 November 28, 4:00pm to 4:17pm: Deterrence Center

  • Cheng Xin sees Luoji. Luoji’s wife and child left him. The reason for leaving is they probably viewed Luoji as a monster.
  • Luoji had been facing the wall for years, instilling fear into the Trisolarans.
  • Luoji passes the switch to Cheng Xin

The Final Ten Minutes of the Deterrence Era, Year 62 November 28, 4:17:34 PM to 4:27:58 PM: Deterrence Center

  • The moment the transfer to Cheng Xin was complete, 6 droplets accelerated toward Earth. They would arrive in 10 minutes.
  • The Droplets arrive and they destroy all the gravitational wave transmitters on Earth and mark the end of the Deterrence Era.

Post-Deterrence Era, First Hour a Lost World

  • AA comes to visit Cheng Xin, not knowing what had just happened.

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time Reflections on the Failure of Dark Forest Deterrence

  • Failure of Deterrence was choosing the wrong Swordholder

Post-Deterrence Era, First Hour A Lost World

  • Sophon appeared as Cheng Xin was looking at the destruction. Sophon says that she acted as they planned. They measured the probabilities of the different Swordholders and her level of deterrence was only 10% compared to Luoji’s 90%.
  • Sophon tells everyone to get ready to go to Australia.

Post-Deterrence Era, Day 60 A Lost World

  • The droplet’s strange acceleration and deceleration patterns were concluded that they didn’t want to hurt the solar system.

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time Technology Explosion on Trisolaris

  • Trisolaris had a technology boom probably due to Sophon’s explorations. Trisolaris had also probably found another civilized world and upgraded their tech.

Post-Deterrence Era, Day 60 A Lost World

  • The Great Resettlement began. Trisolaris announces they will send humanity to Australia.

Post-Deterrence Era, Year 2 Australia

  • Cheng Xin and AA live with an aboriginal man names Fraisse
  • Cheng Xin also visits Wade and he tells her to leave Australia before the resettlement is complete.
  • Humans would live in Australia and Mars
  • Sophon sets fears by killing a bunch of people out of line.
  • Great Resettlement is complete.
  • Sophon announces no one is to leave Australia or they will die. Also humans will be banned from using technology, including electricity. People complain about how they will get food. Sophon says everyone is food.
  • Cheng Xin goes blind.

The Final Ten Minutes of the Deterrence Era, Year 62 November 28, 4:17:34 PM to 4:27:58 PM: Gravity and Blue Space, Deep Space

  • Hunter was assigned to control the self destruct sequence for the Gravity in the case that the officers lose control of the Gravitational Transmitter and destroy it. Misjudging is also ok because they don’t want it to fall to the wrong hands.
  • Alarms sound and Hunter triggers the controller but nothing happens.
  • Both Droplets stopped attacking and stopped functioning. 
  • Blue Space takes over Gravity ships and outnumber them.
  • They discover the second Trisolaran fleet is moving at light speed and will arrive at earth in 4 years.
  • People of Blue Space agree something is up. The Swordholder failed and Earth will fall soon. They agree to activate the Universal Broadcast on Gravity.

Post-Deterrence Era, Year 2 The Morning After the Great Resettlement, Australia

  • Cheng Xin goes blind.
  • Trisolarans are running away from the broadcast. Both Trisolaris and Earth are doomed.

Post-Deterrance Era, Day 1-5 Gravity and Blue Space, Deep Space Beyond the Oort Cloud

  • Blue Space sees a mirror like liquid in space, like a bubble.
  • Chu Yan jumps into the bubble. They enter the four dimensional space. They are confused how a 4D fragment appeared in 3D space.
  • They find a ring shaped object that seemed to have been created by intelligent beings.
  • In the fourth dimension, Micrometeoroids hit Blue Space and Gravity, damaging the ships. Chu Yan wants to retreat but Guan Yifan insists this is a once in a life time experience and to go forward. Chu Fan says it’s only meaningful if they survive so Guan goes by himself to explore the Ring. A group of them go explore.
  • The Ring turns into a giant structure and they start sending messages via radio waves to the ring. Messages came back immediately. They send the Rosetta System to improve the communications between them.
  • They communicate with the Ring. It explains there’s no Dark Forest between different dimensions. Lower dimension can’t threaten a higher dimension. Higher dimension doesn’t need the resources of the lower dimension. Dark forest only applies to people on the same dimension.
  • They leave the 4th dimension. The ships split up between those who want to go back home and those who want to keep exploring.

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