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Death’s End by Cixin Liu – Part IV Chapters Recap (Spoilers)

Death’s End chapter summary of events for Part 4.

Bunker Era, Year 11 Bunker World

  • Cheng Xin Wakes up from her hibernation and disappointed with this era. It is not as grand as before. She is also related more with this era because it was more similar to the Common era.
  • Cao Bin comes to get Cheng Xin to take her to Wade. Before taking her, he shows her a little bit more of this world. Cities have been developed, scattered behind Jupiter. The technology was developed to create an atmosphere that can let them breathe in space.
    • Asia – 
    • North America – Commercial Center
    • Europe – Football Shaped, Entertainment
    • Pacific – Spherical shape – Unemployed and homeless 
    • Cao Bin showed other cities with funny shapes including the ideal wheel shaped cities.

Bunker Era, Year 11 Lightspeed II

  • Halo City and Lightspeed II were medium sized cities.
    • Lightspeed II – Abandoned city that used to research reducing lightspeed for Black Domain Project. There is a small black hole.
  • Gao Way was an autistic scientist who led the project for black holes. Lightspeed II was a city built around the black hole. They did many experiments trying to manipulate light. Gao Way died falling into a black hole. It’s rumored that he became infatuated with the black hole and wanted to go take a closer look. There was a protective net around it and he was the only one with the password to get into it.

Bunker Era, Year 11 Halo City

  • Cheng Xin is brought to Halo City where Thomas Wade is running everything. 
  • Wade and Cao Bin show Cheng Xin that a small development in Curvature propulsion by using a strand of her hair as an example.
  • The only way they can develop this further is to have a research facility far away from the Sun, in a region they aren’t supposed to go to. Wade had recruited and developed a large army of no more than 100 men. They had ancient rifles and handguns but the bullets that they used had antimatter cores which could easily destroy ships and cities immediately.
  • Wade says that he kept his promise and that Cheng Xin has the final decision. Cheng Xin says turn it all in to the Federation Government. Wade tells his men to disarm and turn themselves in.
  • Wade and all his men are arrested. Wade is sentenced to Death.
  • Cheng Xin awakens AA and goes to Australia to visit. Then they go back to hibernation set for 200 years or before, if the Dark Forest strike hits.

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