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Death’s End by Cixin Liu – Part V Chapters Recap (Spoilers)

Death’s End chapter summary of events for Part 5.

Bunker Era, Year 67 Orion Arm of the Milky Way

  • Singer is a data analyst looking at star coordinates.
    • Singer was about to cleanse a star on his map but it was already cleansed. This is most likely referring to the Trisolaran system. The fog near the system meant the area was dangerous. It seems another entity had cleansed it already.
    • He also noticed a trail of communication between Trisolaris and another world. Star-pluckers are referring to Earth sending their primitive message.
    • He says the Starpluckers who don’t have the hiding gene will just keep attacking until they get killed themselves.
    • He requested one of the leaders for a dual vector foil to cleanse the Starplucker system since a normal mass dot would leave blind spots. It is approved immediately and he places the dual vector onto the Starplucker region.

Bunker Era, Year 67 Halo

  • Cheng Xin and AA awaken on a ship next to Jupiter. Cao Bin tells them that the Dark Forest attack has been confirmed. Everyone is in despair and has given up. Cao Bin says it is not a Photoid coming but a slip of paper.

Bunker Era, Year 66 Outside the Solar System

  • Two Ships, Revelation and Alaska, go out to look at the Slip of Paper. The paper was decelerating towards the Sun and will not hit it’s target, allowing the ships to be able to keep up with it.
  • At first, they are scared to touch it but eventually they try to touch it and it’s nothing. They can’t feel it and seems like a hallucination. Eventually they find out that it flattens 3 dimensional objects into 2 dimensions. Chaos ensues and they find out that the only way to escape it is to travel at lightspeed.

Bunker Era, Year 68 Pluto

  • Cheng Xin and AA take the Halo ship to Pluto where Luo Ji is. There’s a Monument that is being built that is acting like the tomb of the earth. They call it a museum of Earth Civilization where many artifacts are stored.

Bunker Era, Year 68 The Two-Dimensional Solar System

  • Cheng Xin, AA, and Luoji continue to carry artifacts to the monument while watching the entire Solar System collapse into 2 dimension.
  • First the gas giant planets flattened then the solid planets. Finally the Sun flattened.
  • Luo Ji explains that the Halo ship has capabilities to travel lightspeed. It was secretly developed after Wades death. They built a base on Mercury to do the research. The ships that travel lightspeed are also able to reduce the speed of light. If Cheng Xin had allowed Wade to continue with his plan, then they probably would’ve been able to achieve all 3 projects: Bunker Project, Black Domain and Lightspeed. The ships that can travel lightspeed would be able to create a Black Domain around the Sun and engulf the Solar System. Those who wished to leave the solar system would also be able to with the ability to travel at lightspeed.
  • Luo Ji stays behind on Pluto while Cheng Xin and AA travel out of the Solar System. They don’t know where to go but then Cheng Xin remembers her star so they set a course to the star that Tianming gave her.

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