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Death’s End by Cixin Liu – Part VI Chapters Recap (Spoilers)

Death’s End chapter recap for part 6.

Galaxy Era, Year 409 Our Star

  • Planet Gray, Planet Blue – Cheng Xin named the planets at her Star. She meets a man named Yifan there who is an explorer and tells them update on what’s been happening.
  • They received a signal, not Tianming. 4 Worlds. Planet Blue is too busy with extraterrestrials.
  • There was a Battle Near Taurus, Outcome unknown
  • World 3 had to turn into a Black Domain
  • Universe keeps flattening dimensions
  • Planet Gray has Death Trails
  • Zero-Homers want to reset the universe
  • AA tells them Tianming is here
  • Tianming’s ship presence causes the Death trails to rupture and Yifan and Cheng Xin gets stuck

About Seventeen Billion Years After the Beginning of Time Our Star

  • Cheng Xin and Yifan wake up inside a Black Domain
  • They are 19 Million years in the future. Cheng Xin looks for words that might be left behind from AA. They find the message that they were there.
  • They find a door on Planet Blue which is now Planet Purple and then they go inside.

Outside of Time Our Universe

  • Cheng Xin and Yifan had entered a time vacuum.
  • It seemed to be a duplicate world that they entered. It was a world where the floor is the ceiling and the ceiling is the floor. A concept made by Charles Misner. 
  • They see a house inside and Sophon appears. She says in this universe Yifan and Cheng Xin are the masters and Sophon is there to serve them. Tianming gave this universe to them. 
  • Sophon says that they should be able to see the next big bang.
  • Sophon teaches them to read Trisolaran.
  • This is where Cheng Xin Begins recording everything in her memoir A Past Outside of Time
  • Returners send a message to the universe they are in telling them to return to the greater universe.

Excerpt from A Past Outside of Time The Stairs of Responsibility

  • Cheng Xin briefly describes her history of events regarding dealing with the Trisolaran fleet.

Outside of Time Our Universe 

  • Sophon travels and finds a habitable planet for Yifan and Cheng Xin to go out to.
  • The mini universe begins to disassemble and Yifan and Cheng Xin put on their space suits.
  • The 3 of them go out to the outside world.

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