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Review of Death’s End by Cixin Liu, an Epic Finale to a Terrific Sci-Fi Trilogy (Spoilers)

What a wild finale of an amazing three part book series. I recently finished book three of Death’s End by Cixin Liu and was very pleased by the overall series. Lots of great concepts and story building packed into these three books.

Initial Reaction of Death’s End

The book felt a bit slow in the beginning and began to pick up faster and faster. At one point the crazy level just went from 0 to 100. The concepts being introduced were fascinating and very unique. As I was reading, I was looking up the concepts to see if they were real. And I guess many of the concepts were real scientific theories. But he somehow incorporated it into the story.


The third book, Death’s End focuses more on Tianming and Cheng Xin. Tianming appears briefly in the beginning of the book and his role becomes a huge part of the story and determines the fate of humanity. 

Cheng Xin I think has a bit of love/hate going on for her character. It’s a controversial topic of whether she made the right decisions or not. She did not do her job as Swordholder which resulted in a lot of pain for humanity by the Trisolarans. Later on, in the future, she again stops Wade from further pursuing his war projects. Her pacifist nature may look weak to some but there are also justifications for her decisions. No one can really know what the outcome would have been if she went the war route. If anything, it could have for sure doomed humanity.

A Sad Love Story

Cheng Xin and Tianming’s story was a bit of a sad love story. Tianming liked Cheng Xin and bought her the star and even went to space for her. Cheng Xin didn’t really fall for Tianming until she found out he was the one who bought her the star. The only time they united during their romantic gathering was when Tianming had to tell her the fairy tales to save humanity. Cheng Xin wanted to meet at their star but tragic events happened and missed the chance to meet Tianming there.

Story Development

The story goes from normal, in terms of the story, to crazy almost immediately. Once the space factor came into play, there were a lot of wacky events and concepts being introduced in how to develop the technology to save humanity. The pacing goes really quick towards the end of the book with a lot of confusing physics concepts such as dimension warping and entering tiny universes.


The second half of the story just goes into overdrive of crazy. Lightspeed technology development, black domain, hostile extraterrestrials, and the bunker project were some of the main focuses. 

Ending Impressions

I thought the ending of the book was ok. Cheng Xin goes billions of years into the future and also goes into a hidden universe. Her pacifist nature makes her decide to follow the instructions of the Returners to leave the tiny universe that they are hiding in to come back out.

Overall Impressions

The Universe is vast and we really don’t know what’s out there. The book has really piqued my interest in space. Before, I didn’t really think about what’s out there. Reading the series really changed my perspective on Space. Space can be a dark, cruel and lonely place. There were a lot of scientific theories in terms of physics but I thought the storytelling really helped me understand the concepts a little bit better.

Was it Worth Reading Death’s End?

This book was definitely worth the read. It has had a long lasting impression on my post reading experience and that honestly doesn’t happen often.

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