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Home » Reviews » Review of No Regrets in Life (2022), a Taiwanese Romantic Comedy Drama

Review of No Regrets in Life (2022), a Taiwanese Romantic Comedy Drama

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No Regrets in Life is a modern romantic comedy released in 2022 on Netflix, and takes place in Taipei, Taiwan. The main characters, Ning You and Wang Yan are a couple who have known each other since college. Wang Yan tells Ning You to wait to decide to confess his feelings but never does it. They meet up again years later only to go viral on social media.

The Resolve

The friends band together with an elaborate plan to get them together. Spicy Hands, one of Ning You and Wang Yan’s friends, was actually part of the cause of causing them to never get together. He spends his time trying to get them together.

Best character – Spicy Hands

A loveable and hate able character. He is a mischief and the troll of the group but he also has a good heart. He finds out he has a terminal cancer and his days are limited. He spends the rest of his time trying to set things right within his group of friends. He also has a love interest, Qiu Yu Han, who is also married but is being abused by her husband. She eventually leaves her abusive husband and confesses her love to Spicy Hands.

Funniest and best supporting character – Spicy Hands

He has a lot of funny moments where he messes with the group, especially Ning You and Wang Yan. All their friends take his shenanigans because he has cancer and don’t want to be too harsh towards him.

The Ending

The ending of No Regrets in Life was fairly predictable. The couples formed were the ones that have been the ones being developed throughout the episodes. There were a lot of touching moments and a lot of different couples that formed.

Overall, the drama was a fun watch. It was entertaining, it had its cringy romcom moments but overall, it was enjoyable.

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