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SPOILERS: Book Outline of Events of The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin

The Dark Forest by Cixin Liu Book Cover

Remembrance of Earth’s Past: The Dark Forest by Liu Cixin

This is just a bunch of notes that I made to help remember and understand what is going on in the book. Hopefully most of it is accurate.

Whole lotta SPOILERS below.


  • Ants POV
  • Sophon discovers the difference between thinking and saying. Realizes human deception and cuts communication with humanity for a long time.

Part 1: The Wallfacers

Year 3: Crisis Era

  • Zhangbei calls out a commander and says he is pretty much a defeatist and should be removed.
  • Luoji writes about an imaginary girl and becomes immersed into it.
  • Luoji becomes a Wallfacer. No one knows why he was assigned.
  • Wallfacer Tyler – Plans to create Kamikaze fighters to fight the Trisolarans
  • Wallfacer Rey Diaz – Researching how to make a stronger Atom Bomb to fight the Trisolarans.
  • Wallfacer Hines – Wants to accelerate brain evolution in humans.
  • Wallfacer Luoji – Doesn’t want to be a Wallfacer
  • ETO counters Wallfacer project by assigning Wallbreakers
  • Wallbreaker Von Neumann assigned to Tyler
  • Wallbreaker Mozi assigned to Rey Diaz
  • Wallbreaker Aristotle assigned to Hines
  • Wallbreaker Luoji assigned to Luoji
  • The world must follow what the Wallfacers order no matter what. It is part of the plan.
  • Luoji realizes he’s locked in as a Wallfacer and creates a paradise for himself in the mountains.
  • Luoji wants Dashi to help him find the woman of his dreams, which is the woman he imagined previously. Dashi finds the woman quickly.
  • Luoji tells Yanyan that the highest respect for civilization is annihilating it.
  • The Hubble telescope manages to take a picture of the Trisolaran fleet.

Part 2: The Spell

Year 8: Crisis Era

  • Five Years pass. Luoji is married to YanYan and has a child.
  • Wallfacer Tyler meets his Wallbreaker who is a guy in a suit. Called out that Tyler is a traitor to humanity.
  • Wallfacer Tyler commits suicide in Luoji’s paradise by shooting himself in the head.
  • General Say visits Tyler and sends his wife and child to hibernate until Doomsday.
  • General Say forces Tyler to get back to work if he wants to see his family again.
  • General Say reveals that Trisolarans are only scared of one person and that is Luoji. No one knows why.
  • Luoji gets serious and goes back to China to do his research. He asks for heavy security.
  • Trisolarans thought Humanity knew the most important secret in the universe but realized Evans didn’t know.
  • Luoji sends a “spell” into space to a star that is 50 light years away. He then asks to go into hibernation and to wake him up when the signal comes back.
  • Scientists noticed that the Trisolaran fleet accelerated their speed just as Luoji sent the signal out.
  • The flu is spreading around the world. It was originally created to assassinate Luoji. Eventually the virus reached Luoji as he was about to hibernate.

Year 12: Crisis Era

  • Zhang Beihai fires meteorite bullets in space at innocents in space. He kills them. The meteorite bullets will seem like they were killed in a meteor shower.

Year 20: Crisis Era

  • Hines wakes up 8 years later from hibernation and runs a test that makes him think that water is toxic.
  • Faith Center is established to remove defeatism from soldier’s minds through neuro technology.
  • Hines and his wife go into hibernation as the Faith Center has been successful.
  • Rey Diaz wants to build a nuclear base on Mercury. It is rejected.
  • Space Elevator tech improved and allowed testing atom bombs on Mercury.
  • Rey Diaz meets his Wallbreaker who explains that Rey Diaz’s plan is to wipe out both Humanity as well as the Trisolarans. 
  • Rey Diaz bursts into a rage and tries to strangle the Wallbreaker before guards stop him.
  • Rey Diaz lies about a cradle signal on his watch and goes back to his home country. He lied about the trigger and the people of his country stoned him to death.

Part 3: The Dark Forest

Year 205: Crisis Era

  • Fast forward 185 years into the future, everything has changed. There is a dominant space fleet. The Trisolaran fleet is crumbling.  Most of society is now living underground.
  • Luoji wakes up from hibernation and is completely cured of the virus that attacked him previously.
  • Hines meets his wallbreaker who turns out to be his wife.
  • Luoji and Dashi walk around the new world of the future. 
  • Many assassination attempts on Luoji were found to be a Killer 5.2 virus created by the ETO a century ago that specifically targets Luoji.
  • Zhang Beihai wakes up from hibernation and is appointed the commander of the fleet due to his faith and loyalty without the mental seal.
  • Luoji and Dashi go up to the surface where everything is covered in dust. 
  • Luoji learns of the Great Ravine where famine annihilated more than half of the Earth’s population before the world began to focus on humanity’s lives and the space fleet became its own entity.
  • Zhang Beihai learns how to fly the Natural Selection ship.
  • Trisolaran Probe arrives at the edge of the Solar System and does not proceed further.
  • Zhang Beihai takes control of the Natural Selection and goes to Ahead Four abruptly to a point on the map and the Space Fleet go after them thinking they’ve defected.
  • Zhang Beihai reveals he thinks humanity is doomed and he’s taking everyone to repopulate somewhere safe from the Trisolarans to keep humanity alive.
  • Probe arrives and it’s a droplet. Everyone is skeptical about it but eventually they put it inside one of the warships.
  • Probe is extremely durable and destroys the Mantis ship and continues to destroy other Stellar class ships by ramming through everything. Only 2 ships survived. There’s 9 more of these probes on their way.
  • Surviving space fleet gives supreme control over to Zhang Beihai since everything was annihilated and he was correct.
  • Space Force separates into two bodies on opposite sides of the solar system and are now forced as the acting last survivors of humanity.
  • The Battle of the Darkness. Ships realized that supplies are limited and resulted in conflict between the ships.
  • Luoji thinks the Droplet is going to Earth to kill him.
  • The Droplet arrives and sits in the Lagrange Point between the Sun and the Earth while sending wavelengths directly at the sun. It has cut off the Sun as an antenna to send messages to the Universe.
  • Luoji finds out the spell that he sent before he went to hibernation destroyed the Sun 50 light years away including the orbiting planets. He is also reinstated as the sole Wallfacer.
  • Luoji explains the chain of suspicion, mentions Fermi Paradox
  • Luoji coerced the Snow Project to create space dust so that they can see when the remaining 9 probes will arrive.
  • Luoji has become labeled as a fraud but still enjoyed his Wallfacer powers.

Year 208: Crisis Era

  • Luoji has become an outcast and goes to Ye Wenjie’s grave. 
  • He threatens Trisolaris that there’s a cradle attached to his wrist and says he will shoot himself if Trisolaris doesn’t appear. The cradle is attached to bombs around the solar system that will act as an antennae to reveal their location to other beings out there.
  • 3 Sophons appear and tell him to stop and they begin negotiating.
  • Luoji tells the Sophon to tell the probe to stop its transmissions to the sun, have the 9 probes change their course and fly away, and have the Trisolaran fleet fly away from the Solar System.

5 Years Later

  • Luoji is living life with his family. The Trisolaran who transmitted the message 2 thousand years ago comes in contact and they talk about love.

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