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The Killer (2023) Review and Movie Recap

The Killer (2023) Movie Poster

The Killer (2023) Movie Recap:

Chapter 1: Paris; The Target

  • The Killer is preparing an assassination on a target in France. He waits for days in an abandoned Wework office space for his target to arrive in their hotel which is across the street. When the target finally arrives, he sets up his rifle, shoots, and hits the dominatrix in his room instead. He waited a long time before taking his shot, following his step by step ritual to the grain. He waits for his pulse to get closer to 60 bpm before taking his shot. He does not panic much when he misses. He simply quickly packs up his things and hastily makes his getaway.

Chapter 2: Dominican Republic; The Hideout

  • After the Killer escapes his botched attempt, he flees to the Dominican Republic where he has a safehouse. When he arrives at the safehouse, he finds his hideout ransacked and streaks of blood everywhere. He finds out that his significant other is in the hospital due to a hit on his house. The assassins were looking for him but beat up the woman instead.
  • The Killer goes to the hospital where his significant other is. She’s all beat up with stitches. Her brother is there as well. The brother mentioned that she was talking about a guy in a green taxi as they were leaving. This tips off the Killer and he begins to go on his hunt.
  • He finds the green taxi company and breaks in and finds the driver that drove to his hideout. He hails the taxi driver as he was about to take a smoke break. The Killer points his gun at him and has the driver take him to a desolate area. The taxi driver tells him everything he knows and it seems the Killer knows where to go. He kills the taxi driver and boards the next plane to New Orleans.

Chapter 3: New Orleans; The Lawyer

  • The Killer goes to New Orleans. He dresses up as a garbage man and sneaks into a law office. Once he gets inside, he ties up both the secretary Dolores and the lawyer named Hodges. Hodges is basically the broker for the network of assassins. Hodges doesn’t tell the killer anything so he kills him. He goes to Dolores, who he tied up in the restroom and she agrees to help him. He puts Hodges body into the garbage bin and go down the elevator. There’s a comedic moment where 2 workers go into the elevator and crack a joke “Do you need help moving that dead body?”. They eventually go to her house, where she keeps all the records of their clients. She helps him find two bank accounts of the two who attacked his hideout.

Chapter 4: Florida; The Brute

  • The Killer then travels to Florida to find the first person. It’s a big buff guy. He tracks him down and follows him to his house. The Brute has a guard dog outside and the Killer drugs the dog with Nyquil before breaking into the house. The first fight of the movie breaks out and they get into a big fight where the Killer eventually kills him.

Chapter 5: New York; The Expert

  • The Killer goes to New York and tracks the second person on his list. It’s a British blonde woman. He follows her to a high class restaurant and sits at her table. She is shocked but not too surprised. She goes through a monologue with him where he doesn’t talk much. After she finishes drinking her alcohol, they leave the restaurant. They are walking outside and she stumbles at some stairs. She asks for help but he just shoots her in the head. You can see she was holding a large knife in her head after he shoots her.

Chapter 6: Chicago; The Client

  • The Killer goes to Chicago. The Killer goes through an elaborate scheme to break in and goes on to copy key fobs ordered from Amazon.
  • When he finally enters the Client’s hotel room, the Client is surprised and annoyed by the security of the building. He tells the Killer that after the Killer botched the assassin attempt, he was offered to pay insurance of 150,000 to hire a hit on the Killer for the failed assassination attempt which he took. The Killer scolds the Client and simply leaves without killing him.

Epilogue: Dominican Republic

  • Movie ends with the Killer relaxing in the Dominican Republic with his significant other.

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