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Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu – Part I Chapters Recap (Spoilers)

The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu Book Cover

Three Body Problem chapter recap for part 1.

Part I: Silent Spring

1.   The Madness Years

  1. Ye Wenjie’s backstory during the Cultural Revolution in China. Many scientists were committing suicide.
    1. Ye Zhetai is Wenjie’s father and accused of practicing reactionary theories and is beaten to death in front of Wenjie.

2.   Silent Spring

  1. Ye Wenjie finds a reporter named Bai Mulin who says he’s translating a book called Silent Spring. He lends it to her to read and tells her not to let anyone know.
    1. Bai gives Ye a letter that he wrote intended to give to the leadership in Beijing. It was written sloppily and Ye offers to rewrite it for him.
    1. Weeks later, authorities came back at her asking if she wrote the letter. She is blamed for writing the political letter and is arrested.
    1. Officials seek out Ye in jail and want her to sign something. Ye reviews it and refuses to sign it.

3.   Red Coast I

  1. Ye gets offered a job on a research project. If she accepts, she will never be able to leave the facility again. She accepts.

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