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Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu – Part 2 Chapters Recap (Spoilers)

The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu Book Cover

Three Body Problem chapter recap for part 2.

Part II: Three Body

1.   The Frontiers of Science

  1. Police talk to a man named Wang Miao asking about the Frontiers of Science. Wang is researching Nanomaterial. They show him a list of scientists and General Chang tells him that everyone on the list has committed suicide.

2.   A Game of Pool

  1. Wang goes to Ding’s house to play Pool and compare it with science examples of physics.

3.   The Shooter and the Farmer

  1. Wang starts seeing numbers in photographs. It’s a countdown. Eventually he continues to see the countdown within his own eyes.

4.   Three Body: King Wen of Zhou and the Long Night

  1. Wang goes home and plays the Three Body Problem with the Vsuit on.
    1. In the game, the characters are trying to measure time. There are Stable and Chaotic Eras. People in this world can dehydrate themselves and rehydrate when needed as a survival mechanism.
    1. When 2 flying stars appear, it means a stable era will begin. Wang asks about 3 stars and the King is fearful.
    1. The game fast forwards. A stable era appears and everyone begins to rehydrate. As everyone finishes rehydrating, 3 flying stars appear and everyone needs to dehydrate again. An extreme cold period will begin. The king tells Wang he can just leave the game now. This civilization was destroyed by extreme cold.

5.   Ye Wenjie

  1. Wang ponders why he lost the game and focuses on the flying stars.
    1. Wang meets Ye Wenjie

6.   The Universe Flickers

  1. Wang visits Sha Ruishan

7.   Da Shi

  1. Wang meets with Da Shi

8.   Three Body: Mozi and Fiery Flames

  1. Wang plays Three Body again.
    1. In the game, Wang meets a man named Mozi and a bunch of new people with nicknames of famous scientists.
    1. They have a theory that the Universe is a sphere within a sphere with holes.
    1. Wang asks about the flying stars and Mozi says they aren’t important but Wang says they are extremely important.
    1. The world bursts into flames and everything dies again.
    1. After the game, Wang meets up with Ye Wenjie again and she’s about to tell the story of her days at Red Coast.

9.   Red Coast II

  1. Wenjie becomes a monitor at the radio station of Red Coast. She is basically tracking a bunch of military stuff. The commissar tells her a lot of classified information in order for her to understand her role and to perform her duty better.
    1. They are about to tell her the true purpose of Red Coast but she will be there forever. She agrees.

10. Red Coast III

  1. Documents show the true purpose of Red Coast. To look for extraterrestrial intelligence and to communicate with them. There is a template ready to send out the message to aliens.

11. Red Coast IV

  1. Ye reminisces about her Red Coast days with Wang Miao.

12. Three Body: Copernicus, Universal Football, and Tri-Solar Day

  1. Wang plays the Three Body game again, this time changing his name to Copernicus.
    1. Wang explains that the world works is because the planet has 3 suns. The Chaotic and Stable eras are determined by their unstable orbit, pulling the planet around like a football.
    1. Wang is then immediately sentenced to be burned, as no one believes  him and continues to mock him.
    1. They realize that there are 3 flying stars but still don’t believe him. Wang says that whenever there’s 3 Stars or 3 Suns, there was usually no chance to survive and record the process.
    1. Suddenly 3 suns appear and the world ends again from the “Tri-Solar” day.

13. The Three-Body Problem

  1. Wei meets a woman named Shen and marries her with a focus on solving the Three body problem. Shen is then murdered and then passes along his work to Wang.

14. Three Body: Newton, Von Neumann, the First Emperor, and Tri-Solar Syzygy

  1. Second level of the Three Body Problem begins.
    1. The game shows the society working on the problem and are using 30 million laborers to help run a human super computer.
    1. The computation goes well. The emperor orders everyone to rehydrate before realizing that there was something odd about the formation of the suns. They were aligned perfectly in a line. It’s a Tri-Solar Syzygy. Gravity warps and everyone begins to float into the sky to their deaths.
    1. The game ends and Wang receives an invitation to a meet up for Three Body players.

15. Meet-up

  1. Wang attends the meeting of all the Three Body players.
    1. A player named Pan thinks that the game was created to gather everyone with similar ideals. There is conflict as others think that humans are not capable of improvement and prone to violence.

16.Three Body: Einstein, the Pendulum Monument, and the Great Rip

  1. Wang goes back into the game.
    1. It’s been determined that the Three Body Problem has no solution.
    1. They build giant pendulums as tombstones for the Trisolaris planet.
    1. During the most recent Civilization, one of the suns ripped the planet in 2 causing catastrophic events. They realized that their system originally had 12 planets. The other 11 had been destroyed and this is the last planet left. They announce that they must leave the planet and look to inhabit a new planet.

17. Three Body: Expedition

  1. The Trisolarans are headed to the closest star to them which is about 4 light years away.

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