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Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu – Part III (Final) Chapters Recap (Spoilers)

The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu Book Cover

Three Body Problem chapter recap for part 2.

Part III: Sunset for Humanity

1.   Rebels of Earth

  1. The Earth-Trisolaris Organization or ETO is run by Ye WenJie. Their first goal is to get rid of nanomaterials.

2.   Red Coast V

  1. Ye Wenjie reveals that she sent the signal using the Sun as a satellite to transmit the first message to the universe.

3.   Red Coast VI

  1. Ye Wenjie receives a message that says do not answer. It is from a pacificist from the Trisolarans telling them not to send anymore messages or else they will be conquered. Ye WenJie disregards the messages and responds that humans are no longer able to solve their own problems.
    1. Ye WenJie finds out she is pregnant.

4.   Rebellion

  1. Ye Wenjie finishes her story and says her daughter died but doesn’t explain how.
    1. Soldiers and police storm into the room.

5.   The Deaths of Lei Zhicheng and Yang Weining

  1. Ye Wenjie is taken in for interrogation. She confesses to murders and crimes that she committed.

6.   No One Repents

  1. Ye WenJie finds the girls who murdered her father working at a labor camp and refused to repent.

7.   Evans

  1. Ye WenJie meets Mike Evans who is trying to save an endangered Swallow by planting trees. His father ran an oil company. When his father died, he inherited the money.
    1. Ye Wenjie tells Evans of her contact with the Trisolarans and they become allies.

8.   The Second Red Coast Base

  1. Evans reveals to Ye WenJie that he has a new Red Coast Base on a ship called “Judgment Day” in the Atlantic ocean and that he’s been in contact with the Trisolarans. They are on their way.

9.   The Earth-Trisolaris Movement

  1. Factions formed regarding Trisolarans. Redemptionists want to coexist with Trisolarans and the Adventists wanted humanity destroyed.

10. Two Protons

  1. Trisolarans had created 2 protons that they sent to Earth that could fold dimensions. They were sent to earth to lock up their technology from advancing past the Trisolarans.

11. Operation Guzheng

  1. An operation to destroy Judgment Day started. With the help of Wang’s nanofibers, they set up two pillars at a canal where the ship would be passing. These fibers would slice up the ship as it passes through.

12. Trisolaris: The Listener

  1. The Listener is the one who first received the message from Ye Wenjie and told them not to answer. The leaders of Trisolarans ordered him to be burned for his crimes. They set out to Earth.

13. Trisolaris: Sophon

  1. Trisolarans created the Sophons and sent them to Earth.
    1. Trisolarans send a message “You are Bugs”

14. Bugs

  1. Wang says that bugs were never truly eradicated from earth and thinks that Earth still has a fighting chance.

15. The Ruins

  1. Ye WenJie goes back to Red Coast Base to jump off the cliff.

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