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Traveling 2 and a Half Days in Oregon Trip Day May 2023

Crater Lake 2023

We did a short trip to Oregon early this year and there was a lot of great food and beautiful new things to see.

Day 1 Crater Lake, Oregon Trip

Once we got to the Portland Airport, we went to the car rental office which is within the Airport. No need to leave the vicinity to rent a car.

Hertz Car rental

Toyota Venza Hybrid – We wanted a small car but it seems this was the only car available. Nice mid size SUV.

No Sales Tax in Oregon

First thing we did was go to Target to shop for an Apple Watch. There’s no sales tax in Oregon so buying merchandise here is ideal if there’s anything specific that you need.

Some Quick Bites in Portland, Oregon

We were getting a little hungry and stopped by some spots for food and coffee.

Twisted Croissant – great cruffin. Cruffins are a dessert that combines elements of a croissant and a muffin. This was an awesome and tasty dessert that I definitely recommend for anyone who hasn’t tried one.

Saint Simon Coffee Co – I always need to get my coffee and stop by Saint Simon Coffee Co. The barista dropped the coffee attempting to hand it to me but she helped me remake it. Great coffee!

Twisted Croissant Portland Oregon
Twisted Croissant Portland Oregon

Driving to Crater Lake

Once we got our breakfast and coffee, we started our journey down to Crater Lake. It would be about a 4-5 hour drive from Portland, Oregon. It was a long drive but there was no traffic on the way. There’s a lot of greenery on the way so it wasn’t too bad. 

Crater Lake

Crater Lake Guest house – We got to the Crater Lake Guest House and it had a vintage look to it. There is plenty of parking outside of the lodge before going in. Going inside, it was a very cozy feeling. There was a front desk, fireplace, a restaurant and many people walking around.

Crater Lake Lodge – The rooms itself are fairly small. It’s not an upscale hotel but that’s fine. Like the main guest area, the rooms feel very cozy. There is a shower tub in the bathroom which is very interesting as we’ve never showered in something like that before. It was definitely a first time kind of experience.

Crater Lake – From behind the guest house, there is a door that leads to the outdoor area where you can see a beautiful view of crater lake. There’s plenty of chairs and tables so that you can just sit there, relax and enjoy the crater lake view.

Crater Lake Lodge Stargazing – Once it gets dark enough, you can go outside to view the stars. There were a handful of people with their DSLR taking astrophotography. So if that is something you are interested in, this is the perfect spot to do so. Remember to bring your tripod!

Day 2 Crater Lake, Oregon Trip

Crater Lake Sunrise

The sunrise here is supposed to be really beautiful. Unfortunately we woke up a little too late and it was either too cloudy or we missed it.

Discovery Hill

This is a viewpoint nearby that you can go to to see a different angle of Crater Lake. This was the only viewpoint that was open for viewing. The ledge doesn’t really have any guardrails and the ground is very icy. You will need to be very careful when walking on this.

Crater Lake Breakfast – We ordered a small breakfast and a cup of coffee before leaving.

We were leaving and saw an extremely long line of cars trying to get into Crater Lake in the morning.

Drive to Tamolitch Falls

Tamolitch Falls Blue Pool Hike

We did this hike from around 4:47 pm to 5:47pm. Rest for about 15 minutes to enjoy the scenery and then head back. Got back to the front at 7pm. 

A lot of the articles talking about this hike rated it as a moderate hike and we were a little bit concerned because we didn’t have any hiking shoes on. But it turned out ok. Climbing through the rocky areas was really just larger steps and you just need to make sure you get a strong footing. Having the right shoes would be ideal because you might twist your ankle. There was also some muddy parts so hikers need to make sure they don’t slip. 

The Rabbit Hole Boba – Oolong and strawberry milk tea with boba. The boba was ok. I don’t think they cook the boba with any honey boba and just cook with water.

Billntims BBQ – 3 meat with brisket, tri tip, chicken, Mac and cheese, bacon and potato salad, sweet potato fries. We tried to order pork but they mentioned that they were all out of pork so we replaced one with chicken instead. The brisket was a little dry. Tri Tip was very good. Chicken was good. Mac and Cheese and Potato and Bacon Salad were tasty. Sweet Potato Fries were pretty standard. The thing that stood out was the sauces. They had 3 sauces that we tried and all three were really good.

Stay at the Hyatt Place Eugene Hotel

We then drove over to our nearby hotel to rest for the night.

Day 3 Crater Lake, Oregon Trip

Breakfast at Hyatt Place Eugene Hotel

Ira’s Fountain 

Located in Keller Fountain Park, This is a cool fountain in Portland Oregon. 

Ken’s Artisan Bakery

This is a famous little bakery known for their croissants. Parking can be a little tricky. We parked about a block away and walked over.


Closing Thoughts

This was a short but fun trip. Lots of new things we haven’t seen before and saw some of the beautiful scenery of Oregon.

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